Aspiring kayakers, welcome!

We have a wide range of courses and experiences to entice any level of kayaker. Take your first plunge into the water or perfect those skills to move up to the next level, our expert instructors will be with you every step of the way!

Kayaking can take you to whole new places that footpaths just don't go. Go on that watery adventure, the world is your oyster!

Three reasons to choose us...

We have been teaching the ways of kayaking for 15 years, but paddling the UK's rivers for much longer.

Our instructors are all members of the British Canoeing.

The trips we offer are immersive experiences, not only will you learn a new skill but you will learn about the flora and fauna of the beautiful countryside too.

Discover kayaking in Sussex!

Travelling the UK's idyllic countryside by water is one of the most fun ways to explore this beautiful country. If you're a complete beginner or have already had a go, our expert instructors will be there to talk you through all the equipment and build your confidence after those first little wobbles.

Kayaking is a great new sport to try, it is so fun and very addictive. On this course you may even learn a little bit about the environment you're paddling through.

Sea Kayaking in Brighton

Brighton is a very well known, prime tourist spot, but have you ever seen it from the water point of view? It makes this beautiful seaside town that bit more special.

You don't need any prior kayaking experience to take part, just a keen sense of adventure. Our highly experienced instructors will help you get the hang of the technique - heading in a straight line is one of the hardest things about kayaking! We can also walk you through a capsizing drill, this part is not compulsory but could be handy to know! And on the way back you'll have the chance to carve up a wave so you arrive inland in style.

1 Day Course

If you love kayaking, have some basic techniques and want to cement this skillset then this is the course for you. The Discover Kayaking Award is made to make you a confident flatwater kayaker, and after just 1 day, you will be exactly that. 

We will cover kayak theory, safety and capsize drills, plus our expert instructors will pass on little hints and tips that they have discovered throughout their time on the water. If you want to progress, we can also cover the relevant skills for the British Canoeing Assessment.

2 Days Kayaking Award

The Explore Kayaking Award Course is 2 days, which is ideal to immerse yourself in learning the skills and techniques to take on the British Canoeing: Explore Kayaking Award. Our expert instructors will guide you through being able to manipulate the boat for the desired effect, as well as understanding the relationship between the boat, paddle and water.

Our highly experienced instructors will also encourage you to learn skills that are beyond necessary for the assessment, mainly to boost your confidence as a kayaker but also through pure enthusiasm for the sport.

2 Day White Water Course

Take the plunge into white water kayaking! This course is ideal for those who have the flatwater kayak skills perfected and are looking for a bit more of an adrenaline rush.

Over the two days, our expert instructors will have you paddling grades 1-2 rapids, teach you everything you need to know about moving water and the theory behind it too. This course is a great stepping stone should you wish to take the White Water Kayaking Award.

2 Days White Water Kayaking

This white water kayaking award will validate your skills in planning and journeying on white water grades 1-2. These will be two adventure-filled days where our expert instructors will build up your confidence, take you through different techniques and theory.

This course is a natural stepping stone for those who have been on our Introduction to White Water Kayaking course.

2 Days Surf Kayaking

Experience kayaking like you've never experienced it before! Learn to read the waves, predict the surf and know the right spot to take off from so you can carve up some awesome waves.

This course is designed for confident flatwater kayakers that are looking to expand their skills and try something new and exciting. We run this course in Devon or Cornwall as you can pretty much guarantee waves and a good time.

Our highly experienced instructors will work with you to experiment with new ways to move across the waves. So be prepared to get wet and have a go at a whole new way to kayak - you'll never look back!

Surf Kayaking Induction Course - 2 days

The British Canoeing Surf Kayak Award will validate your skills in surf kayaking. Our expert instructors will build on your confidence carving through the waves and perfect your skills and knowledge of the surf conditions. Our instructors are all very knowledgeable on this subject and so will strive to pass on hints and tips throughout the course to aid in your confidence and understanding of this awesome sport.